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Wellspring is proud to be associated with this ancient form of medicine. We bring to our health tourist/ customers internationally reputed Ayurvedic treatment centers spread over South India, offering you excellent treatment and care as well as an unparalleled recuperating experience.

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Ayurveda and you

While Ayurveda is becoming increasingly popular as a recuperative addendum to conventional medicine, what is unknown to most is the curing power of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a main-stream form of curative medicine that can help treat ailments addressed by conventional medicine. It is this non-invasive mode of treatment and permanent cure for ailments such as paralysis (please fill in) that makes Ayurveda a very attractive option. With the added advantage of not having any possible side-effects, Ayurvedic practices are seen to be believed.

Wellspring is proud to testify that it has been instrumental in aiding numerous patients with serious ailments such as paralytic strokes and diabetic blindness in getting completely cured by Ayurveda. If you desire non-invasive treatment with no side-effects in a picturesque setting, then Ayurveda is for you!

Ayurveda Orgin

Ayurveda is the oldest surviving complete medical system in the world. Derived from its ancient Sanskrit roots - ‘ayus' (life) and ‘ved' (knowledge) – and offering a rich, comprehensive outlook to a healthy life, its origins go back nearly 5000 years. It was expounded and practiced by the same spiritual rishis, who laid the foundations of the Vedic civilisation in India, by organising the fundamentals of life into proper systems.

The main source of knowledge therefore remains the Vedas, the divine books of knowledge they propounded, and more specifically the fourth of the series, namely Atharvaveda that dates back to around 1000 BC. Of the few other treatises on Ayurveda that have survived from around the same time, the most famous are Charaka Samhita and the Sushruta Samhita which concentrate on internal medicine and surgery respectively. The Astanga Hridayam is a more concise compilation of earlier texts that was created about a thousand years ago. Between them, they formed a greater part of the knowledge base on Ayurveda as it is practiced today.

The art of Ayurveda had spread around in the 6th century BC to Tibet, China, Mongolia, Korea and Sri Lanka, carried over by the Buddhist monks traveling to those lands. Although not much of it survives in original form, its effects can be seen in the various new age concepts that have originated from there.

ayurveda images