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bulk export of medicine

We have access to 40000+ medical products - Medicines + Supplies+ Devices

1. Medicines Export : Lifesaving Medicines [HIV,HEPATITIS C , HEPATITIS B,ONCOLOGY]. These medicines have the largest demand in the world right now. Medicines could be exported on bulk or one to one basis.

2. Post Treatment LONG TERM Medication for International Patients to their doorstep : Lung, Kidney, Heart Transplants, Orthopedic treatments and other major surgeries. This is being done to the patients who have undergone treatments here and who are in need of immune suppressants and post treatment medication.

3. Devices: IVD[In Vitro Diagnostic] rapid test kits [Pregnancy,Malaria,Cholera,HCV,HBV,HIV] from ISO and GMP certified manufacturers.

4. Devices: Brands like Medtronix, Terumu - Catheters, Other hospital devices.

5. Generics: Apart from brands, we have tie up's with GMP/WHO certified TIER 2 manufacturers. This could give a significant cost advantage to the buyer. We need your guidance on how some of the products could be registered there locally.

6. Other Medical Supplies : Disposables and other medical supplies as per the requirements.

7. Supply to Pharmacies Globally: All the registered products, Off the Shelf medicines , Non-prescriptive medicines, Alternative Ayurveda OTS medicines to the pharmacies directly or to the importers of such medicines