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Cheryl Vander Walt – South Africa

Chose Wellspring thrice for Oncology treatment. Visits India regularly for bone marrow cancer. Cheryl says: Wellspring's services are excellent. Very professional, were very eager to comfort . Wellspring met our needs very well and totally took all worries of arrangements on them.

Said Hamdani – Oman

Said, who works for a reputed bank in Oman, first availed Wellspring’s services for ophthalmic treatment. Ever since he has traveled to India through Wellspring four times since, once for evaluation, then for his surgery, once for a medical checkup for himself and also for his parent. Said says: "I have no words to explain about the wonderful hospitality and assistance rendered by Wellspring "

Muzdalifa Talal Al Balushi - Oman

An instance where Wellspring displayed its superior relationship with hospitals. This young girl aged 8 was suffering from a rare neuro-ophthalmic problem – SPHENOIDAL BONE DYSPLAPSIA Wellspring helped the patient choose a hospital that would handle the case adeptly and would also fit their budget. The girl is fine today and our services were much appreciated by her parents.

Thomas Olusegan Obamiji - Nigeria

Thomas traveled to India for a gastro-intestinal problem that had to be evaluated. Upon evaluation it was found that surgery was required and the same was arranged for very quickly . He was appreciative of Wellspring’s services for very quick treatment provided to them. Wellspring team also arranged for a discount for the patient with the hospital.

Advantage for the Patients

Excellent working relations with empanelled Indian hospitals

* Top-notch services to our patients through the excellent relations with hospitals.

* This relationship implies “green-channel” and “red-carpet” services to all our patients.

Comprehensive hand-holding

* Wellspring is a healthcare centric company which understands the sensitivities of this trade.

* It understands the concerns of any medical tourist and completely hand-holds them from airport to airport.

360° Transparency and Professionalism

* Wellspring takes pride in its completely transparent approach with all its partners.

* Its quick turn-around and periodic and systematic approach has been appreciated by Indian hospitals and overseas patients universally.

Superior healthcare and concierge network

* Besides its association with top notch hospitals Wellspring has excellent relationships with the Indian hospitality sector.

* Wellspring is associated with numerous hotels, service apartments, travel agents, translators to provide a bouquet of choice to its customers.

* Wellspring, which also provides home health services in India has access to various healthcare concierge services including nurses, paramedics, caretakers, laboratories.

10+ years of experience

* Wellspring has serviced scores of patients into India, from Oman, Bahrain, USA, Nigeria and South Africa over the years.

Patient Handling protocol

Step 1

Patient Medical history sent to Wellspring via email

Step 2

Wellspring shall respond with assessments from 3 most relevant hospitals in India along with the cost estimates doctor profile

Step 3

The patient’s choice and budget for accommodation, travel and other requirements are also sent to Wellspring and Wellspring will provide the quote for the same.

Step 4

Once the patient decides to travel to India, Wellspring shall be intimated via email.

Step 5

Wellspring will make all the requirements for travel.

Step 6

Patient has to transfer the money directly to the hospital for treatment,pays for other services directly to different providers.

Step 7

Wellspring receives the patient in the airport and hand-holds him/her right through their stay in India. Provides them a SIM card on landing.

Step 8

Periodic updates and reports are sent by Wellspring to the relatives and sponsoring agents in the patient’s home country.

Step 9

Patient is discharged and sent to his/her home country Wellspring shall assist in any follow up that might be required. Ex: Post Treatment medication at extra cost.

Step 10

Wellspring will produce the bills from the patient and collect the facilitation fees from the hospitals in 3 weeks from the date of discharge.